I got to 13 seconds. How high can you get?
Play Escapa!

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  1. So far my best is 21.032 seconds with a messed up mouse. If I had a better mouse i could probably do better.

  2. i got up 2 about 15 seconds and i got bored of it on my first try, so i just quit i found this forum and decided to post it

  3. stop lying about your scores, u cant get 1000 or 432000 or W.E! thats bs its just a game!! an online FLASH game, don think u rule the world or sumthing, but anyways my high score wuz 29 :/

  4. Me again :] …by the way, theres a pattern to it so if u figure it out it shud be easy, plus if u have a sloww computer it even gets esierrr ..

  5. I got something between 20 and 21 seconds… Go me w00000t.

    This is a great game and whoever made it should be ashamed that they wasted the last 10 minutes of my life 😛

  6. I think my best was like 18 seconds. Cant remember. Played this game a long time ago.

    But this is my favorite of the comments above:
    “Hah, you wimps. I just got 1,000 seconds and it only took about a minute, too.”
    Gotta love when 1000 seconds = 60 seconds.

    second i only get bout 20 i am only 10
    doing a practise S.A.T in school today when u read this i will be in school
    P.S (if they say they got a ridiculous score like 333 seconds or somet then they lie)

  8. I move red block right click and there is no properties to click Have a competion going need to be over 30 seconds. Any help would be appreciated

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