I got to 13 seconds. How high can you get?
Play Escapa!

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  1. I’ve been playing this game for a few days on and off and I have to say computer speed has A LOT to do with it. Right clicking after the game has started and just letting it sit, DOES indeed run the counter up. My first try on a slow computer was around 21 sec. my 5-6th try was around 46-50 sec. Once I bought a new CPU, the score drastically dropped back down to 23 sec. basically because there’s no longer lag time involved. My avg. score right now is around 26.5-27.095 sec. My highest is 28.395. Immediately after you reach 26.5 sec, the squares kick it up another notch and you can barely see them, much less dodge them. If you take your index finger and try moving it one direction as fast ad you can, that’s about the same speed as the squares are going after exceeding 26.5 sec. on a fast comp.

    The only way you can FAIRLY reach high scores in this game is to know the pattern. The squares move in the same direction EVERY time so by simply memorizing the square movements and being in the right spot at the right time by simply anticipating its pattern, will get you a high score! Don’t let your mouse get out of control, ever… just stay as close to the squares as possible the entire time to limit the distance in which you have to travel to dodge each square.

    Hope this helps:-)

  2. Thanks Aaron 😎
    your tips have markedly increased my average (Avg)

    I have been working on this game during my summer break and i have finally got it all under control. You are all welcome to visit my site that i
    created analysing this wonderful game.

    My first hint to you all is to head south follwed by north west and then relax for approx 5.32 secs. Your next move is a very complex and will take more than a few quick shots to master.

    My email address is if you wantto talk tactics or just have a general chat 😉

    I tend to think of this game as a game of chess or poker. Be patient and you will achieve impressive results

    I tend to post comments in a lot of these things but this is one where i want the emails to get through to me so If you want me to read it mark the subject: Spider Club update for this week… it’s my screan name in most chat rooms…


  3. Liars!!! You can’t get past 30 seconds it’s highly impossible! I only got to 29.465 and even then it was still going really fast. . .And to the 5 days straight person LIAR. . .Unless you have a VARY slow computer. If you keep the box that tells you your time, you can see how fast the blue blocks move. . .So, it’s impossible!

  4. And, for the 5 day straight person, no offense but 5 days without having to eat, drink, sleep or even go to the bathroom??? I’d like to meet the guy who can do that.

  5. I’ve gotten 33.5 without cheating, and have figured out a pattern to consistently get me to 31+ secs every time. I just can’t get what the next move should be. I’m tempted to do a vid-cap of the game just to figure out where to go next.

  6. You are all idiots, the lot of you. “There is no red square”…dumbcrack. “I got 1000 seconds, and it only took me a minute”, come on you idiot. “I got 5 days!” OH MY GOD!!! You are all complete morons!!!! FYI, there’s a much easier way to “cheat” without making or buying a program, but I’m not going to tell you. All I can say is that if you guys are that stupid, you should be in an assylum. Good riddance to moldy trash.

  7. i think the biggest problem here is that you all have no life and will die alone. i’m sorry.

  8. i think the biggest problem here is that you all have no life and will die alone. i’m feel sorry for you guys i really do.

  9. Its rather much more easy to cheat, just open two or more tabs including escapa, then start the game, somehow reach a safe position, then click the other tab and don’t return to escapa’s tab until you want, the time will go on but your block will not be hited 🙂

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