I got to 13 seconds. How high can you get?
Play Escapa!

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  1. by the way on my first try i got 0.656 seconds but it was on an interactive white board so it was hard but then on the mouse i got 21 secs on my first try

  2. Dear who ever made this game.
    This game is fun and hard to get. I have played this game everyday and I go up a second every time. I was wondering if there was any maore games like this?

  3. The five day person your company is a jack ass. five days on it. you got to be joking. I’ve played it more than five days and I got 42.7 seconds so you know you are lieing.

  4. there is no possible way you got 5 days on escapa if you did you really need to get a life

  5. i got09387402319850921587091870928759087097092498320175092318651076439030957-9287-9438754398754097850934570934257093247509438750978903475 seconds u mother fucking bitches!

  6. Ok so you want to get a high time on this game well it’s easy all you have to do is when the game starts right click and go to properties and just wait however long you want and the time will keep running

  7. hey vagiclean, u said to get lower then 0.016, well i got 0.015…guess i have the new all time lowest =:’D

  8. everyone that said green lantern cham couldnt get 5 days were wrong, n it has nothing to do w/ his computer speed
    he jsut cheated, n kept the cheat going for 5 days…if u wanna cheat, LoL posted the way to do it
    my real high is 33.859, my cheating high is 1566.765, n thats jsut cuz i didnt feel like doing it nemore

  9. hey heather, its not impossible to get above 28 seconds, so dont call everyone liars just because u havent gotten enough of the pattern down to get past 28 seconds

  10. to get a high score all u do is…
    move the block down
    right click it
    go to properties
    wait as long as you want
    then leave properites

    the time still goes when ur in properties but the blocks dont

    so u could get 348562347 hours if u wanted

  11. Most of you who say you’re getting really high numbers (or even semi-high) on the first try are lieing or have really slow comps. On the first try nearly everyone gets killed right off because the blocks start moving quickly toward the middle. Untill you get down that you have to move to the left or straight down then you get killed within the first second, unless you’ve already watched someone do it. After that new people often get killed on accident by the edge or a block while they’re trying to figure out the physics of the game…

  12. My best is 21 secs! I cannot get above this and i always get hit by the small rectangular bit in the top right!

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