I got to 13 seconds. How high can you get?
Play Escapa!

92 responses to “Escapa!”

  1. Huh. I got up to about 12.6 seconds, but that was only after I started getting the pattern down — which took several attempts with results being a maximum of 4 seconds or less.

  2. I played this on an very old a slow computer not too long ago and got 45 seconds, because when I moved my piece around really fast, the time kept going, but all of the other pieces stopped. On a normal computer, I average 23-24 seconds.

  3. 41.035 Seconds. Of course, you can’t really judge people’s scores as it’s all based on the relative speed of your machine (and what processes you’re running at that time).

  4. 5 days (432000 minutes) straight… beat that I have a new dell also so I suppose that makes me supreme hahaha

  5. Yeah, well I just wrote this killer app that keeps the red square away from all of the other elements indefinitely. So there!

  6. 67 seconds, but the speed varies depending on your PCs, on a slow comp, i reached 67 secs, on my P4 went up to 19

  7. Yall are a bunch of liars. You know yall cant even get over 28 seconds. Its impossible. The 5 days straight person has a very slow computer, so stop trying to brag. So shut up!!!

  8. u all lie abouyt your high score u noobs get a life it is a game u should have to lie to look good

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