Category: Whimsical

  • The leads we get

    We get all kinds of witty leads through our web site, but a lead that came in today was especially witty. I’ve copied most of it below. I’m sure it was a joke. Greetings my illustrious jellos, I am Pahasmava Makahata, the grand Bola Bhunka, leaders of they small but ancient hindi tribe, famous Makahata…

  • Build a Beard Workshop

    This site is guaranteed to be an overnight sensation. The Build a Beard Workshop! I just printed one out here and it was a big hit!

  • Fantastic Contraption

    A couple of the guys at the office came in on Monday raving about the physics puzzle game called Fantastic Contraption. Give it a try, it is strangely addicting!

  • Non-Fail Whale

    A bunch of the guys at the office drew this today.