The leads we get

We get all kinds of witty leads through our web site, but a lead that came in today was especially witty. I’ve copied most of it below. I’m sure it was a joke.

Greetings my illustrious jellos,

I am Pahasmava Makahata, the grand Bola Bhunka, leaders of they small but ancient hindi tribe, famous Makahata tribe.

We want to like/need a terrifying/riffic website to promotugate our proud peoples on the webstubesintranet.

Please we impart and imfloor you to ascyst us.

Please do not fear if replied email bounces our intraserver crashes alltime maybe some.

The grand Bola Bhunka wishes that the banana leeches may never nibble at your heels.

Thnak ye,

His Grand Bola Bhunka,
Pahasmava Makahata

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