Category: Whimsical

  • Joke

    Cop: It says on your license you should be wearing glasses. Me: Officer, I have contacts. Cop: I don’t care who you know, put on your glasses!

  • Design Police

    Andrew pointed me to the Design Police web site today. Absolutely hilarious idea! When can we expect to be able to purchase these as stickers is my only question?

  • Overnight Project

    We just finished putting together this fun little web project the other night: 100 Facts About Literally Anyone Basically, you put in someone’s name, and it returns 100 “facts” about that person. Note: This project also makes experimental use of the “Google/MySpace Theory” where functionality takes precedence over looks (hence the horrible non-design).

  • Whiteboard Series: Flying Hoodies

    Continuing our whiteboard drawing series. I bring you this drawing from Andrew.