Category: Web-App

  • Building a Widget

    In case you aren’t aware, we’re building a time tracking tool and actively developing it right now. It’s called Minuteglass and you can sign up for beta at Alongside of main application, we are now working on a desktop widget for Minuteglass! It is being developed in Adobe AIR and we’re pretty excited about […]

  • Website Builders

    As many of you know, I built a web-based CMS. While my product is aimed mostly at people with an existing site, I recently did some research on web-based site builders, aimed at new sites, and wanted to share my findings with the Brainfuel faithful. I found 4 products and they all look great, especially […]

  • Common Craft

    I just discovered Common Craft. It’s a great educational resource for all sorts of things (Chris posted a video by them a while back: here). They produce short videos that explain things to people like Twitter, or how to use LinkedIn, all in ultra-basic paper style. So now, the next time you have to explain […]

  • So Good, It’s Forgotten

    Recently I was doing some work with logos (business cards, desktop backgrounds, etc) for my product. As I was working away, I would periodically save the files to my DropBox. For those who aren’t familiar with Dropbox, it’s an online storage/syncing utility that will make your life much easier (you can thank me later). You […]