Common Craft

I just discovered Common Craft. It’s a great educational resource for all sorts of things (Chris posted a video by them a while back: here). They produce short videos that explain things to people like Twitter, or how to use LinkedIn, all in ultra-basic paper style. So now, the next time you have to explain what Twitter is, you can point that person to Common Craft. They cover a wide variety of topics too like Zombies (see below…no, really, you gotta see it).

Zombies in Plain English

Social Networking in Plain English

Twitter in Plain English

Wikis in Plain English


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  1. […] I just recently (really recently, like just 10 minutes ago recently) came across a website that uses drawings on paper and clear narration to explain things in plain English. It’s called Common Craft (thanks Brainfuel for the tip) and looks like it could be a great educational resource. Remember the entire Dummies empire that exploded after DOS for Dummies and Windows for Dummies? Well, this site follows exactly the same concept, except the lessons are on video, and only a few minutes long, and they’re narrated, and they’re illustrated, and they’re cool.  I’ve posted their explanation of Twitter and Zombie’s below, but be sure to check out Common Craft for yourself. […]

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