User System

Here’s a fun photo of Tom working on the user relationship system for our new web app.

Development Web-App


Besides getting all green lights on the way home from fireworks last night, here’s what I did this long weekend:

  1. Began serious design work on our new web application
  2. Came up with a new name for the product, and it even has a code name (the original name)
  3. Bought the domain name (and it’s a hot name!)
  4. Created final version of web application site map and promotion site map
  5. Hashed out final user-relationship issues
  6. Feeling so energized about a project for the first time in a year, I feel like I’m making progress…

Next steps:

  1. Finish site design concept #1 and run it up the flagpoll
  2. Design logo
  3. Design and build development blog to track progress and get something online
  4. Decide if the nature of the application will stay a secret until released
  5. Begin writing content for site
  6. Create additional wireframes and documentation
  7. Finalize product pricing model
  8. Find developer(s)