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  • BrainFuel is Celebrating 10 Years

    Wow, that’s a little bit epic, if you ask me! This whole site started 10 years ago today, with the first post being made to a simple little HTML file that I uploaded to my server. Initially, it was a simple little page that linked to interesting web sites, and then grew into a massive […]

  • Helpful web tool:

    Have you ever been working on a design and need to insert a placeholder image to show where a graphic will go? The typical process is something like this: open photoshop, create a new image, enter the size you need, change the background color, add some text and then save it. Here’s a handy web-based […]

  • LEAP Organics’ Package Design

    These designs are just flat out amazing to me. Love the vibrant color, detail, typography, effects. Designed by Moxie Sozo for Leap Organics and scheduled to launch spring 2010. Can’t wait to see them in the wild.

  • The Third & The Seventh

    An fully-animated video showing some of the cool things you can do these days with video animation. Hat tip: Josh Pigford.