Beautiful Coffee Bag & Other Links

It’s Saturday, here are a bunch of links to entertain you over the weekend.

This is a great graphic to help communicate how a lot of people feel about Web 2.0.

At home Lasik. A wonderfully simple joke.

Beautiful coffee bag art.

Coffee Brewing Basics. An article by Rocket Coffee Roasters owner Larry Jones on my coffee blog.

Nine Systems streams podcasts and videos.

Neat video of an octopus changing colors. I didn’t even see it at first!

A funny Mr. Bean video. It has subtitles however it’s a great classic.

Can you believe it has been 17 years since the original Sim City came out? Things sure have come a long way.

10 Photoshop tips in Spanish.

10 Photoshop tips in Arabic. I think this might just be a link to the article, but hey, I wouldn’t know.

10 Photoshop tips in Japanese.

The Development Abstraction Layer.

6 responses to “Beautiful Coffee Bag & Other Links”

  1. Tomas – Yeah, isn’t Mr. Bean awesome! I love his stuff.

    Jonas – Ok, good idea. I wondered if that format would be better but I just didn’t know for sure. I’ll try it next time.

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