April Reading

Some interesting sites:

  • 456 Berea Street for the good web standards and coding articles
  • Aaron Post for his interesting questions
  • Advertising/Design Goodness because every day there’s a new advertisement to look at with an interesting twist
  • Ajaxian because of the cool layout and because AJAX is cool
  • Avalonstar for the cool articles and witty comments that always follow
  • Chubby Hubby I actually read entirely for the photos so you could say I don’t read it
  • Creating Passionate Users has amazing articles and the detail and time invested in each is amazing
  • Delicious Days for the photos as well (another one I don’t read)
  • Design View because of the cool design and good design articles (I know Andy’s been by BrainFuel once or twice as well)
  • Guy Kawasaki because he writes without an ego
  • Mark Bixby because of the cool pictures posted in each article
  • Particletree for the highly detailed articles (Treehouse, too)
  • Paul Stamatiou because he’s into everything under the sun
  • Signal vs Noise because everybody wants to be them
  • Solution Watch because of the expert job reviewing web applications (seriously folks, this site rocks)
  • The uber geeks because of the neat guys behind the site
  • Waiter Rant because of the always witty dialog

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