Author: Don Fitzsimmons

  • Visual Studio Ads

    Here are some pretty funny (and some dumb) video ads for Visual Studio 2005. You might recognise some familiar situations.

  • Pool Care With Linux

    Recently I’ve been tasked with helping to maintain two swimming pools: my fiancee’s and her mother’s. In AZ it’s a nice luxury. During my research on the matter I came across a guy who set up his pool care system with Linux. Pretty amazing and bit too technical for me.

  • Auto Fonts

    Over the weekend my fiancée and I were on a short road trip comfortably seated in our recently purchased 2006 Honda Accord coupe; a car that has yielded no buyers remorse as of yet. We were coming back down to the valley from the cool mountains. It was dark and my fiancée was sleeping. That’s…

  • Vibe Streamer

    I came across this wonderful Web application on Digg. It’s browser-based and allows you to stream your music no matter where you are. The idea is that you set up your home computer as a music server, for instance and then you have full access to your tunes all of the time. I haven’t tried…