Author: Don Fitzsimmons

  • Muddy Anti-Pattern

    Who ever thought that a term like “Big Ball of Mud” would actually make its way into the the technical vernacular of computer programming? I especially like the analogy of “Shantytown Spaghetti Code”.

  • Outsource It…Sort Of

    Here’s an interesting take on outsourcing. It’s called Sea Code.

  • Contracting vs. In-house

    Hi, I’m Don, token Web programmer at Brain Fuel and I have a thing or two to say about contract programmers. I recently found myself working on two separate Web based software projects that were started by contractors. The first was developed using PHP. When I got in on the project (as an additional contractor)…

  • Gravity Battle

    Without a major cause such as a war, or a major pivotal social movement, most of us twenty-something, American suburbanites have had to find meaning in a different place than generations past. We too need a claim to fame and a battle to call our own. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at…