Author: Brian Shaler

  • Good Band Name

    This is an interesting creative exercise: Come up with a “Good Band Name” But not just ANY good band name. It needs to be funny and catchy. It should be paradoxical or ironic. A “first album” title is optional. Examples: Mark Keytool & the Design Premiums (Photoshop nerds should “get it”) The Amish Truckers (First…

  • DONE – Daily Design Workout 2008

    This is an interesting site with a lot of neat designs! From the About page: “DONE is my personal daily design workout for 2008. Every day I will flex my design skills by creating one piece in 30 to 60 minutes.” (via April Holle via CSS Mania)

  • The 56 Geeks Poster

    Funny and very well drawn! Which of these describe you? via digg

  • More Friday Fun

    In an effort to further reduce the productivity of Fridays (and thus allow it to become an official part of the weekend), I launched a new weekly game over on Twitter. The success of BrainFuel’s Caption Contest Fridays played a key role in motivating me to start TwitLibs. Because Twitter communication is text-based, I needed…