More Friday Fun

In an effort to further reduce the productivity of Fridays (and thus allow it to become an official part of the weekend), I launched a new weekly game over on Twitter. The success of BrainFuel’s Caption Contest Fridays played a key role in motivating me to start TwitLibs.

Because Twitter communication is text-based, I needed a game that did not involve images. Based loosely on Mad Libs, the game involves one person sending Twitter a statement with a series of blanks (e.g. [I just __ my __]). The message is delivered to all of that person’s “followers” on the site. To play, they simply reply with the words they think makes the statement funniest (e.g. [@brianshaler “pooped”, “pants”] or [@brianshaler “kicked”, “dog”]).

Round 1 is already underway. The Twitter replies are in the comments.

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