Good Band Name

This is an interesting creative exercise: Come up with a “Good Band Name”

But not just ANY good band name. It needs to be funny and catchy. It should be paradoxical or ironic. A “first album” title is optional.

Mark Keytool & the Design Premiums (Photoshop nerds should “get it”)
The Amish Truckers (First album could be “Horsepower” — via Kent)
Union Contracts (First album could be “1,000 Lbs of Paperwork” — via Kathy)
Wayne Wheat and the Flax Seeds (via Jeremy)

I saw this going on at You can participate in this Twitter meme by including “#GoodBandName” in your update. If you don’t feel like following the latest Twitter trend, leave a comment here instead!

5 responses to “Good Band Name”

  1. I mentioned this on twitter a week ago, but I like the utterly geeky “Namespace Change Propagation”.. in the vein of band names like “Dillinger Escape Plan” (they’re playing in phx tonight btw – anyone wanna go?)

  2. The Menstruation Lickers
    School of unemployment
    When the shit hits the fan and the fan hits the man

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