2006 Camaro concept car

Here’s another interesting car. It’s a Camaro concept car.
I think it looks a lot like a mob car you might see drawn in a Dick Tracy comic book. Heh.

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  1. The new Carmaro looks great and is long over due.

    I’m a hugh General Motor’s fan and have been waiting for some exciting cars. Pontiac is getting close by making the GTO and its a good car. It doesn’t have the retro look, but has the preformance to compete with Mustang and Challenger.

    General Motors is already years behind introducing the Carmaro. Why just copy the other American automakers, jump ahead by making something really new and have them catch up.

    Why doesn’t General Motors make a retro looking Camaro, but take a few intovations from their friends at Subraru and the WRX. Imagine a beautifully styled Camaro with a small block V8 and all wheel drive. That’s an “American Revolution”.

    The Japanese and Europeans understand this and are already making theses cars, although I’m not sure I want to see a BMW owner in a real muscle car.

  2. I though NO one could come close to the retro design job Ford did with the Mustang UNTIL I saw the Concept Challenger.
    Chevrolet just missed it all together! Looks nothing like a Camaro.

  3. Kirk, What an ignorant statement! It doesn’t look anything like a Camaro? I can only assume you are not looking at the same concept car as the rest of us. It has clues to a few different Camaros. Maybe you are just jealous? NO ONE said it should or would look EXACTLY like an older Camaro,did they? Maybe you should just get your eyes checked….I would buy one in a Heartbeat…to go with my 2005 Z06 Corvette

  4. nice car but i still dont get it only 400 horse power come on dont you want to blow all the other cars away??? i thought this car was sopose to be new big deal. i mean its 2006 and ti doesnt come out till 2009 .. UP THE POWER!! MORE POWER!! MORE POWER!!. I also wana know how much the car costs too.. so some one figure it out ……

  5. How much HP do you want from a camaro? 400hp with a ls2 is much stronger than any other camaro made. And if it were made to be faster than the corvette, then corvette would lose its flagship status

    You’re dumb.

  6. I’m from Argentina and I have a 1997 Pontiac Trans Am.
    I was thinking of getting some extra horses under that hood but now I just want to sell the old and save for the new amazing Chevy Camaro !!!!
    Great job GM, it’s just a shame we have to wait that long to have it rolling on the streets !
    I’m looking forward to it and of course I WILL BE A BUYER !
    I am curious, do Mustang and Challenger have 4 wheels independent suspensions ??
    State of the art car GM is getting out !!!!

  7. Thanks GM looks like a dream
    For those who dont know about this pony or never owned one just post this comment “COOL CAR” then go get some info &test drive.
    The Ultimate CAMARO is a 02 SS with the 69z agressive presence on steroiz’s which is what this car is.
    Give me a CAMARO Over a FERRARI any day…(ill take the ferrari and sell it to costumized a top of the line CAMARO)

    I seen it in red at the LA AUTO SHOW this one is silver im a salesperson so trust me it will have available all types of upgrades & accesories including rims & tires When u comment do so about the car not price not that is to much car for u or compare it to other new but mediocare cars CAMARO’S are not for SLow people.

  8. PS.:)
    too bulky 4 u? its a MUSCLE CAR
    TOM they spend millions ur 2cents dont matter
    Ben Wood if your trying to be a critic dont quit your day job.

  9. why god why do people mess with perfection….

    if they wer going to “redo” the camaro all they shoulda did was revamp the 60’s modle….
    not change the design n make a mockary of such a godly car

    im truly and deeply disapointed in chevy

  10. Could someone just say what they think the 400 hp version would cost? (just a ballpark number)

  11. does chevy ever think of an idea that no one has ever done, or that had their own designs rather than copy ford or dodge.

  12. I think the car looks gorgeous, and nothing says badass more than driving this solid 400hp beast down the road. It doesn’t have that cheap look. One thing I will be looking for is fuel economy, if they made a hybrid version it would be awsome, even if it saves just 4 mpg thats a lot of money. If they plan to release this by 2k9 it would be foolish not to have a hybrid option.

  13. Although I am slightly disappointed with the concept it is a work in progress.

    They should have never stopped making them in the first place.

    It will probably be like just about every other camaro in history, it will out perform but not out sell the mustang(what can I say people are stupid).

  14. Oh my LORD! I am SO in LOVE!!! This Camaro is the most beautiful car ever created! GOD must drive a Chevy! 🙂

  15. excellent,but don’t,DON’T,change anything and keep the price equal or lower than the ugly mustang.

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