Writing from Brasil

I’m in Angra right now sitting in a small room at a hotel and surprisingly they have computers with internet! Most of the other hotels didn’t or wanted to charge $30 a day. There’s a Brasilian man sitting next to me trying to check his email. I’m doing the same thing after being without the internet for about 10 days (and can I just say its been wonderful).

I’ve taken about 1,500 pictures so far – all in RAW mode (best) and they are looking fabulous. I’ve eaten some amazing foods. Pretty much everything is great and the weather is fine.

I’ve been to Rio, Floripa, and now Angra. I go back to Rio on Sunday and fly back to the US on Tuesday. The wedding is on Saturday (my cousin). Being in a country like this is interesting. I can’t help but be thankful for living where I do.

I’ll try to update you again later after I feast with my 11 relatives who made the trek to Brasil.

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  1. Chris, you’re a brave man for shooting that many photos in RAW – I hope you’re prepared to spend the next month post-processing! 🙂

    Sounds like a lovely time down there, though! Save travels, and can’t wait to see the shots when they eventuall do come.

  2. Yeah, thank goodness for Picasa which can read RAW. Otherwise I cannot imagine. I have been copying the pictures to my PowerBook so hopefully nobody steals it!

    Ward – Yes!! Tried one yesterday in Rio. They’re fabulous. I’m going to have one every time I see them now. Yum!!

  3. Have you ever thought of posting your photos to Flickr (www.flickr.com)?

    Anyway, if you post them, give us directions on how to find them on internet, that is, their URL(s).

    Luciano Evaristo Guerche
    Taboao da Serra, SP, Brazil

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