Would you do it?

Private Company Plans $100 Million Tour Around the Moon the headline reads. Here are the juicy bits from the article.

The space-faring tourists will travel with a Russian pilot. They will steer clear of the greater technical challenge of landing on the Moon, instead circling it and returning to Earth.

Mr. Anderson of Space Adventures said the craft had about as much room as a sport utility vehicle. “Will it be cramped? Yes,” he said. “But will it be doable? Yes.”

He noted that the Gemini capsule was smaller than the Soyuz, and that the astronauts James A. Lovell and Frank Borman orbited the Earth for 14 days in the Gemini 7 mission in 1965.

But Mr. Kraft, who was the flight director for that mission, recalled that Mr. Lovell and Mr. Borman were miserable. They complained bitterly that the trip was like “14 days in a men’s room,” and Mr. Kraft said that he had to talk them out of ending the mission early. “They wanted to get out of there,” he said.

Would you do it? If not for $100 million, would you do it at any price? Having trouble deciding? Here’s a picture of the moon for you to look at.

4 responses to “Would you do it?”

  1. Man I would SO do it! I’m not sure if the company we’re talking about is the same, but there’s a company (a bank in South Africa) thats offering a moon trip too…

    I would love to do that.. Just imagine how much of a horizon-widening experience that would be – literally and mentally.

    I wonder if I could claim the frequent flyer miles… *ponder*

  2. Hi MarkB, thanks for the comments. I think I’d do it as well, just probably wouldn’t be able to afford it. I am now realizing the word probably doesn’t really fit here. The probability of me having 100 million to spare is not probable.

    Here’s a web site with more info on the “expedition” http://www.deepspaceexpeditions.com

  3. On reflection, I think Neil Armstrong had a better plan. He got PAID to go. So I’m just looking to get paid to go on a trip like that. Since it’s dangerous I’m looking for a high payment, too. So the first company to call me and pons up the dough I’ll go with. Thanks.

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