Has anybody managed to successfully get a WYSIWYG editor working in WordPress? I’ve tried about four with no luck.

We’re building a blog for a client who has a huge amount of content and described the text editor from WordPress like this: “The current ‘editor’ seems to be the technological equivalent of the Windows ‘Notepad’ program — put another way, the current editor reminds me of my days coding HTML in 1996-1997, when I coded exclusively in Notepad.”

I was thinking about responding that 728,912 people so far don’t seem to mind but that felt wrong. Then I was going to say something about CSS and actually coding by hand and that felt even more wrong.

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  1. Thanks for the tip… glad you happened to be browsing this blog!

    I’ve got your editor working on another blog and it seems to be decent on Firefox with the default admin theme, however the Tiger CSS admin theme we’ve been using on Brainfuel pushes the editor out to the right of the default quicktags above the editor. Is there a way to turn these quicktags off easily, since they aren’t even necessary with the wysiwyg editor?

  2. Chris, remember that project I was telling you about? We’ve managed to get the latest-greatest FCK, TinyMCE and Xinha working. Textile, Markdow and widgEditor are next. Take your pick. 😉

  3. Make that Markdown. And that project is pretty good for some basic blogging tasks, and our blogging modules are only going to (rapidly) get better.

  4. Moises – I just installed your plugin this morning and it works. I couldn’t believe it. After trying so many I had pretty much given up. It doesn’t work too well with the Tiger plugin but that’s ok. Seriously though, props for making something that actually works. Duh, I just re-read Ben’s note and see he exactly explained this. Thanks Ben.

    Norman – I haven’t tried the alpha. This project is for a client and so while it’s probably plenty stable I shouldn’t give them an alpha release. Just in case. I’ve told them that the next version will most likely have WYSIWYG built right in though.

    Ryan – Dude that is really awesome. I can’t wait.

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