Wink and a Flash

The other day I made some prints at Kinkos on their photo print station. I got sick of messing with our HP Designjet 10ps, maybe we’ll get it to work again later this summer. The results were so good now I want to print more of my photos.

So now I’m wanting to get more of my digital photos printed, and I’m looking at WinkFlash and thinking it’s a great deal. What’s the best place to order photos? How do I know each place has high quality? What is the difference from one place to another? Interestingly, WinkFlash is even offering free shipping this summer with no minimum, that’s awesome.

My friend Dan just told me about White House Custom Colour which is a photo lab that does only digital output. The ordering process is less for consumers and more for people who want the ultimate in control. They give you an FTP address to send photos to. Prices are also very good.

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  1. I usually use either Costco or Wal-Mart to print my digital photos. They’re on high-quality photo paper and they charge 19¢ and 26¢, respectively. Plus, I almost always spend an hour there anyway so it’s not any imposition.

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