Who thinks 24 Rocks?

So who here besides Jeff and I think that 24 is the best tv show ever? I mean, come on, how many shows that you watch have this happen: (possible spoilers) First a massive train wreck in the first 10 seconds of the season, followed by the Secretary of Defense being kidnapped and taken to a bunker, followed by a mission to rescue, a convenience store hold up, followed by the risk of a nuclear meltdown, followed by a electromagnetic pulse, followed by a gunfight at a gun store, followed by a ——- ——- being stolen, followed by — —– — crashing, followed by the ——– being stolen, followed by Chloe shooting a terrorist! Yahoo! Can it get better? Tune in Mondays!

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  1. long time reader, first post…chirs – love your blog and the mix of design, experience, technology and now of course 24. this season has been great, last night’s episode probably one of the best single episodes there has been. how many bullets did that guy put in chole’s car anyway? then using his ride as a battering ram, then cappin’ the neighbor he woke up…then chloe takes him out. all in like :20 of airtime – awesome.

  2. Thanks for posting Ward. I agree, the Chloe scene was just awesome. Also it’s a pleasure to have you aboard as a reader and now a commenter! If you haven’t seen the 24 Inside video clips be sure to check them out.

  3. well, in my experience, I have found you either love 24, or you hate it. The problem(not really) is that each episode provides just enough information to make you want to watch the next episode…If you have never seen it before, I recommend not watching, else you lead a sad/addictive life always craving that “next” episode. That’s my problem, oh sweet Mondays….sad T.V. addiction…must watch 24…when will it end? RUN…all of you RUN!!!, turn back now before it’s too late. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……um, yeah it’s entertaining.

  4. I’ve heard that some people don’t even watch it on Monday’s. Instead, they wait until it comes out on DVD and just buy it and “catch up” all in one fell swoop. Literally a few days I’m sure.

  5. i watched season 2 on DVD this way..problem was i kept thinking, ‘oh i’ll just watch one more episode’ and then ‘one more disc won’t hurt’…the next thing you know the sun’s gone down and come back up.

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