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White Lamborghini

Let’s just say for a minute that I took you shopping to buy a Lamborghini today, what color would you get? I saw a white Lamborghini the other day. A Lamborghini should be black, red, yellow, or some other bright color that exudes strength.

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  1. You know, if I were in a position to worry about the color of my Lamborghini, I probably wouldn’t worry about the color of my Lamborghini. Know what I mean?

    On a related note, I had what I consider to be the most beautiful car ever buzz along side me in Houston traffic for a while a couple of weeks ago.

    I was completely awestruck by the Porsche Carrera GT – one word, AWESOME.

  2. Oh, and to answer your question – black. There’s just something more awesome and badass about a black sports car.