Where’s my jetpack?

It’s 2005 already! Where’s my personal jetpack? Why can’t I just fly to work every morning? Wouldn’t it be awesome to fly over the red rocks of Sedona or jump around town? Do you think they’ll have personal jet packs in our lifetimes?

7 responses to “Where’s my jetpack?”

  1. Jet packs? naw… Jets are too much trouble. They’ll probably have some kind of ion propulsion suits or antigravity shoes or something though. hehe

  2. I would imagine that one thing preventing any widespread use of a jetpack of sorts is the number of city laws that would need to be altered. If Segway has had trouble getting permission to have Segways on the sidewalk, imagine how hard it would be to allow people to fly jetpacks!

  3. not a chanse… technology hasnt reached anywhere near that yet – the one on the “fall guy” only lasts 30 seconds

  4. They’ve built jet-packs, before. (If my memory serves me right) they’re kinda expensive, and you have to haul a bunch of fuel around with you. I’m not so certain the invention is all the practical, though… Besides, they can’t be too terribly safe, either!

    Here’s an interesting link: http://www.futurehorizons.net/jetpacks.htm

  5. I think it’d be a great way for amputees to get around. And they wouldn’t have to worry about the fire burning their legs.

    (I know it sounds funny but I’m serious here. If I didn’t have legs, man, you’d better believe I’d be trying to make a jetpack!)

  6. Are you kidding? People (and by people, I mean Americans) start hundreds of frivolous lawsuits avery year. Any serious jetpack company would be bankrupt before their first fiscal year. Sad? Yes. Pathetic? Yes. True? You know it is.

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