What’s your middle name?

Do you have a good middle name? Mine is “Mac” (a nickname my grandpa had).

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  1. Mine is Miles. Which is my dad’s middle name as well. I like it well enough. It isn’t generic and i think thats good.

    Is there are correlation between original names and creative thinking. Like if you are born with only a first name then are you destined to be an entertainer?

    Miles means “roman soldier”, which is kind of strange because Austin is a derivative of Augustus.

  2. Mac is a great name, but I’d tell people I was named after Mike Tyson’s Punchout.

    Mine is Glenn. I was named after an eccentric uncle that helped design a lot of the power grid systems deployed by the REA and spent most of his life constructing crazy inventions. Including an airplane.

  3. I have four, as the easiest thing to do when you can’t decide who to name someone after is to name them after everybody.

    My full name is Edward Michael Colbert Daniel Liam O’Connor.

    Incidentally, my middle initials, MCDL, is how you write 1450 in Roman numerals.

  4. Mine is the letter, “H”. It was supposed to be “Hayes” (after my dad, grandfather, and great grandfather), but someone accidentally initialed the birth certificate.

    My full name is Thomas H. Chapin IV (the fourth).
    However, being as they screwed up my middle name, I guess that means I’m not really the fourth?

  5. Mine is Armand. It’s so much cooler than my first name (Kerry), I decided to drop the first name altogether. No one, including my wife, calls me Kerry: a name I always considered too unisex-y…

  6. Its a pity that your last name isn’t Edwards though. Because you could totally front one of those Kerry Edwards ’04 stickers for life and it would never get old.

    Then again you could probably still do it without the edwards and just get the Kerry sticker.

  7. Mine is Elliot, which makes most people immediately say, “E.T. phone home.” But I like it. My full name is Douglas Elliot Perkins, and I figure that when I get around to publishing my first book of poetry I’ll use the pen name D. Elliot Perkins. I think that would sell a few books just on the name, but I may be slightly biased.

    So, does anyone ever call you Edward “1450” O’Connor?

  8. Elvia, after my father, Elvin, a farmer, who needed boys only got three girls and was expecting a boy, but alas, another girl….

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