What’s the longest you have waited in line for something?

For me, I think 2 hours at the post office was the worst. Waiting in line that long for a roller coaster isn’t so bad, but not a smart use of time. What about you? I hear of all of these people waiting days for movies or to be first to purchase a game consol. I couldn’t do it.

8 responses to “What’s the longest you have waited in line for something?”

  1. I waited in line about 5 hours for Halo 2. It was well worth the wait in my opinion. I will never understand people waiting in line for days for a game console, in the cold.

    And no way I’d ever wait more than an hour in line for a movie.

    I would have to say that roller coasters are a given….if you have been to a theme park and aren’t afraid of coasters, then you have to have waited in line for awhile at least once.

  2. I waited 18 hours for Dave Matthews Band tickets once. Spent the night outside only to have it be a lottery in the morning. Very bad use of time.

  3. Eight hours, hospital with my Fiancé for heart stints procedure. While in the recovery area a nurse cooked bacon in the microwave. Waiting so long, hungrey, the smell floating around us. Cruel reminder of why we were there. Stupid woman. I guess she weighed close to 300 lbs.

  4. apart from delays in airports i once waited 3 hours to get a copy of “the Hog Farther” by terry pratchett signed… the books not that good either and he looked really pissed off by the time i got around to him.. there were loads of fanboys carrying video games, tshirts and everything else imaginable (brought from home) for him to sign.

  5. Oh man, waiting at the airport is such a drag. They tell you to get there hours ahead of your flight, and rarely do you need those hours. The advent of free wifi at select airports makes this time go by so much faster.

  6. Back in the mid to late 80’s when there used to be allot of outdoor concerts at football/baseball stadiums I waited in line for such bands as Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Monsters of Rock, The Who and a few other bands.

    These all nighters would be with 100+ other people waiting in line at the mall where Ticketmaster had an outlet in a store called Hechts. This was right outside of Washington, DC. Lines for tickets usually started after sundown and then Ticketmaster would open at 10AM. So in line usually 10+ hours.

    At that time there was never any rioting, line cutting or anything else like that. It was always an orderly crowd excited to get their tickets for the show.

  7. I waited in several lines for several hours each at the Comic Con in San Diego. All worth it, and in some cases I even wish I had gotten into the line a few hours earlier than I did. 🙂

  8. Now I don’t feel as bad about waiting a couple of hours in line to see episode 1 🙂

    Well, not as nerdy at least. I’m still pretty angry with Lucas.

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