What’s the biggest party you’ve ever thrown?

Or been to.

I’ve been to very few big parties (maybe 100 people) but never thrown a huge party. I guess I’m boring.

7 responses to “What’s the biggest party you’ve ever thrown?”

  1. I was a DJ in Cape Town, South Africa and I organized a band evening.

    I hired a school hall for the event, got 10 bands together and hired over R270 000 worth of lighting and sound. There were about 400 people there…

    It’s still today, one of the best gigs I ever played at/organized. It really rocked! 😀

  2. The first apartment I had in college, my roomate and I threw infamous “40’s parties”. The first one was like all-you-can-drink 40’s for $1. We had the fridge full of 40’s like the old Dr Dre videos. Kind of disgusting when I think about it now, I’m not much of a drinker and I know I couldn’t get through a 40 now. There was one 40’s party where some people were on the roof of our 2 story building and when the cops came they poured beer on their heads from the roof. I heard a knock on the door, I answered it and saw the wet cops, so I shut the door in their faces and hid in the bathroom.

  3. I worked with the group that produced an event during Oracle Open World In San Francisco back in the late 1990s. We planned for 10,000 guests in 3 venues, hired 3 major headliners, provided food, drink, fun and “eye-candy”, hung the “world’s largest mirror ball” from a crane over the round-about in the middle of the street that sent fragments of light shooting out for blocks, we closed down 3 city blocks and re-routed muni busses for the evening. Does this one win??

  4. It took an experienced and talented group of producers – but we had a blast doing it. One of my favorite entertainers was “Elvis-Herselvis” – you can only imagine that one working the crowd!!

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