What kind of person are you?

Are you a “big idea” or “big picture” type of person or are you a “details” type of person?

I ask, because I have a little theory going and I’ve asked some people recently and curious to hear if you are one or the other, or perhaps both. Or, perhaps you are something else entirely? Please describe your answer in under 500 words.
Thank you,
The Management.

15 responses to “What kind of person are you?”

  1. Well, I can see why you ask. The end of my post does get a little silly.

    Really what I’m curious about though is the idea that people tend to be either big picture kind of people or if they tend to focus only on the details.

    There are a lot of scenarios. Sometimes details people tend to miss the big picture yet they can be amazingly precise about complex matters.

    I suppose it’s a difficult question to ask because everyone has a different definition.

  2. Yeah… I don’t exactly know what kind of person I am. It all depends on the task I am assigned to. If I was a project manager, then I would take the whole scope into consideration. But if I was simply a developer, then I would focus on the details based on what I was told to do. However, occasionally I’ll break out of the mold if I see something wrong with the big picture and I will try to speak with the powers that be (the client, project manager, sales person, or whoever) and try to correct things as best as I can.

  3. Kinda vague… Actually, I think that if everyone has a proper and concise understanding of the big idea, then the little details just take care of themselves.

  4. Yeah, I think you understood the question.

    I think people tend to sway one way or the other and see things from that perspective first.

    I think a lot of people see one angle first, and then they’ll research and plan more to ensure the other areas are “safe.”

  5. Tommy… you are a dink. And I know this because I am a big picture person, and in the big picture we all die having barely changed the world while touting how wonderful we were to everyone else. So we are all just a bunch of dinks.

    But in relation to work, I am more a big picture guy. The only way I ever do the detail guy thing is everything is REALLY organized.

  6. By the way, in case anyone was wondering, Charles is a guy who works at the same office as me (and who keeps an eye on brainfuel now along with me)

  7. Big idea and big picture are the same thing to me. At least, when they are applied in this sense. If there is any sense in this at all.

  8. I like to push my face up on tree trunks and examine the texture of the bark under various weather conditions and lighting. Then, I cross reference and categorize the entire process based on geographic location and smell of the bark.

  9. I think you fall into the “blog reader” category. Hehe, just kidding. I don’t know. I’m sure it’s a nice category though. Thanks for visitng.

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