What is your Greatest Asset?

A lot of people would say time is their greatest asset. Is that true with you?

What is your greatest asset?

7 responses to “What is your Greatest Asset?”

  1. I’m curious to understand how time can be considered an asset when the only time any of us really have that’s guaranteed is the time past. That would make history or memories the greatest asset one could own.

    For me, I’d guess my greatest assets are a combination of a vivid imagination, never say die attitude and empathy.

  2. Mark – I’d have to agree that memories and also experiences are a huge asset.

    So does this mean that the more experiences and memories you have the more ‘rich’ with assets you are?

  3. My greatest asset (without waxing philisophical like Brian), would probably be my curiosity for things. Without that, I’d be mowing lawns somewhere or something.

  4. I would defiantly say the 1950-2000 sports almanac I picked up in an antiques shop in the year 2015. Don’t tell Doc.

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