What is the coolest car you have ever driven?

Today we were talking about cars and the coolest cars we have ever driven. What would be yours?

By Chris Tingom

Principal of Tornado Design, a Phoenix, AZ based web consultancy

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I am sort of a fan of cars an I have driven a lot of them. I dont know what the coolest would be. I think would say that the WRX Impreza was the funnest to drive. Though I really liked the Z.

Cars of Interest I have driven.

Spec V Sentra
SE-R Altima
300Z TT (passenger)
WRX Impreza
Mustang Cobra
Lancer EVO (passenger)
Celica GT-S
’87 Corolla GT-S
MR2 Spyder
6 spd Accord Coupe

I’m a big car guy too, I drive a WRX daily and absolutely love it, but some other cars Ive driven and liked are:

Integra Type R
older MR2 Turbo
06 Mustang GT
VW R32

Well, I’m 15, so I haven’t driven many cars. But awesome, yea.

Porsche Cayenne turbo
Audi S4

and my brother’s testdriving the audi R8 (He may get it :D!) soon and I hope I can give it a try too.

Pretty much my car is the awsomeist in the whole wide world. I have 2007 Subaru WRX and it can fly.

I have an 89 Honda Accord 5 speed with power windows. Its pretty much the coolest car in the whole world.

Oh, I’ve also been in my Dad’s police car when I was in H.S. and he took me for a ride along to a riot in Tent-City cuz Arpio’s hacks couldn’t deal with it and they sent in Phx PD – we went like 130 down the I-17. It was sweet.

LOL – my life is cool. 😐

FIAT Coupe 20v Turbo
Jaguar XJ6s

The FIAT is an absolute rocket, looks the dog’s too IMO…

The Jag is like an old codger that’s overdosed on viagra,
takes a sec for the V6 3.2 to kick in but when it does, whoa!


coolest car i have ever driven.
1989 ferrari 328gt, driven when I was 18 years old at 110MPH. coincidentally I learned to drive stick on the car. nice way to learn to drive manual 😉

1968 Camaro with a high performance big block. Very hairy ride. Other cars would wet themselves when this thing pulled up alongside.

my ’96 BMW 840Ci…in which i once did 225km/h (140mph) on an open road…it didn’t sweat even a little and i didn’t even feel the speed.

The fastest was probably the retired stock car I drove four years ago or so.

In terms of fun, my fav was probably the 97 Porsche 911 I drove for a few days.

My friends S13 was pretty fast, and fun too. Not something you would want to street drive though.

Mine go back a bit – the most fun was a 1968(?) Jaguar XKE+2. 130 mph on the Santa Monica freeway that close to the ground was a rush! My most recent fun ride is my daughter’s Mini Cooper S. Another surprisingly great one was a Mazda 6 which I rented and drove from LA to San Jose and back. Smoothest ever was a 1967 Jaguar 420s sedan – totally unreliable (Lucas electrics!, but nice wood inside.

2006 Ferrari 360 Spyder. An unbelievable experience at 135 mph.

BMW 840 was a great drive too.

69 firebird

91 tarus SHO (took off like a scared cat)

Just sold my mom’s old 85 caprice. like riding around on the living room couch.

Well I didn’t drive it but I sat in KITT from Knight Rider at Universal Studios.

I’m sorry but that kicks all these other cars’ asses.

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