What is design?

What is design? Here’s one answer

“Design consists of creating things for clients who may not know what they want, until they see what you’ve done, then they know exactly what they want, but it’s not what you did.”

5 responses to “What is design?”

  1. That is 100% true and thus why you do not create anything without having some idea of their expectations. However, if they do give you the go ahead to be creative, then I pass on the understanding that I will be doing just that. Any changes on something in that scenario will cost them per update. They usually will think more clearly upfront as to what they are looking for and thus save you time in the long run.

  2. Most clients don’t know what they like. The trick is to sell them what you already decided they need. I think perhaps a psychology degree and experience with subtle manipulation should be a pre-req to become a designer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. In regards to just identity, the usual problem when designing for clients is they think their company logo needs to carry everything. Everything as in their language, imagery, style, target market and audience. This results in a bloated logo trying to do too much. Explaining to them the difference between a product brand and a company logo will go a long way in getting them back on track to making a simple identity.

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