What are you the best at?

Everybody is the best at something. What are you the best at?

12 responses to “What are you the best at?”

  1. BS-ing. Hands down champion. I’m so good at it, I Bs myself into believing my own BS.

  2. I really feel like am a David Hasselhoff of sorts. I am satified not being the best at the things that i do. I certainly do my best and hope that people appreciate that enough. Not that the things i do are particularly bad but by no means the best.

    That being said I would say that I am the best WWI airplane gunner alive.

  3. People perceive me to be the best tech guy they’ve ever met, but I am just jack of all trades and master of none.

  4. In reality I think i am pretty good at creating a 5 page custom site with SEO in a single day every day. I doubt i am the best, but most people don’t get the opportunity or want to for that matter.

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