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What are some of your favorite blogs?

What blogs do you read first every day (or web sites)? Post a few links!

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  1. I do this all through Google Reader. Here are a few consistent posters that I read. (of course)

  2. of course, (thats why i’m here now, eh?)

    because of the artist in me:

    technical blogs:

    jesus blogs:

    fun blogs:

    google reader rocks, btw – only reason i can even read that many (there are more, too, but those are the only one’s worth mentioning traffic-wise)

  3. I’ve been reading the Y Combinator news since it launched as well, some really good stuff over there, although links tend to stay on the homepage a long time.

    There are some good links in this batch! Thanks everyone. I’ll keep going through them later today.

  4. I try to keep it limited so that i can get work done. – coffee – car news and reviews – tech news

    I used to spend a lot of time on but not so much anymore.

  5. I read headlines for a bazillion blogs (so it seems) but here are a few of my favs (aside from brainfuel naturally):



    celeb gossip: (what would tyler durden do)

    for fun:

    As far as RSS goes in general, Netvibes has transformed the way I read blogs and stay up on news. I was using Flock then Google Reader, but I love all the modules netvibes allows in tandem with the RSS functions. It’s my life, aggregated!