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What a waste, literally

I just spent about 8 hours remaking a Photoshop file that I had lost recently, only to discover I did have a backup. Of course, the backup was discovered while I was uploading my new file to “back it up.” Sheesh. File this under: idiot.

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  1. So which one are you going to use? I always end up liking the post-crisis work more.

  2. So the real question is, was your new version better that your previous version? I find that almost always the newer version of something I lost is better than the original.

  3. Well, I can’t say the new version is that much better that it warranted all of the work. There were a number of small improvements, so I guess it’s all good and well, but I could have been further along had I not lost that file.

    I’ll end up using the new file. It’s definately got some tweaks.