Weekend fun: Paper Airplanes

How far can you make this little airplane go? My current best is 35.7 45.1, and Tom has passed 40. It’s rather unrealistic but tons of fun.

paper airplane

13 responses to “Weekend fun: Paper Airplanes”

  1. I got a 46.0 as well with a “c” configuration / 46 paperweight / 23 elevator setting and winglets.

    I gave the thrower a slight tilt back, his forward hand around the bottom of the darker blue border and his throwing arm pitched back to the point of just before straightening out.

  2. 48.0 in practice, but only 45 when I challenged someone.

    It’s also fun to see how close you can get it to 0 by making it loop. I got 0.8 meters.

  3. Haha — Using that same configuration as in my previous comment, I can get it to do a loop by throwing too hard and then scrape the ground for 16.6 meters.


  4. Hey Chris, you’ve found quite an addictive game! I was able to hit 46.7 after switching to Plane “C” with winglets on, paper weight of 39, and elevators at 43.

  5. Scored 48.2 after a good few tries and after reading some of the pointers on here. Addictive and fun. Thanks for the link, Chris 🙂

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