Webware Recommends Viddler

Webware (a CNET Site) just gave Viddler a positive review. I especially enjoyed this title in their article: Viddler one ups Youtube, Google Video.

Here’s an excerpt:

The other thing I like about Viddler is its navigation. Its Explore page in particular gives you a half dozen ways to browse videos, but it’s not nearly as overwhelming as Youtube can be. Videos are quick to load, and the quality is comparable with other Flash video providers. I would like to see one of these services offer a variable quality by connection, but it appears we’re not there yet.

Viddler is a really impressive service. If anything it improves on Youtube’s browsing and uploading experience in almost every way. People feeling hindered by time and size limitations on competing services should give Viddler a chance, as their 500MB cap is very generous and the uploader is easy to use and powerful. The community features and commenting system are also very developed for a young web service. Video bloggers can also enjoy cutting a step out of their production process, and not having to use any actual software for the recording. Recommended.

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  1. From personal experience, I really see such a big potential for educators to use Viddler for instructional pieces. The timed tags make it especially nice to just skip around to certain lessons, chapters, theories, et cetera. The only hurdle would be to find a way to take screen and audio capture from a computer and have it uploaded to Viddler without having an individual do it themselves. Maybe a super basic Viddler studio (like CamStudio but even easier to use) widget with direct Viddler upload capabilities and basic editing would help people create videos and upload them. I think the issue at the moment is that video creation might not be as simple for everyone to do. Just my 2 cents (I should just create a blog post about it 🙂 ).

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