Category: Industry

  • Web Browser Market Share in Tree Ring Format

    An excellent visualization method for displaying web browser popularity over time. Saw this over on Hacker News. It’s not the best way to show data, but it’s new and interesting.

  • Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola Logo Evolution

    Very interesting image showing the logo redesigns between Pepsi and Coca-Cola. (via Digg) (By the way, the latest Pepsi logo reminds me of this every time I see it…) Update: Apparently there were more, a lot more. – Chris

  • Web Design Trends For 2009

    Good article over at Smashing Magazine about design trends for ’09. From the article: Over the last months, we’ve analyzed numerous Web designs, observing emerging trends and weighing the merits of numerous design decisions and coding solutions. In this post, we present Web design trends for 2009: recent developments, new design elements and new graphic…

  • Everyone Loves a List – 40+ Designer Cheat Sheets

    Last week I posted some programmer resources (in the form of a list of 91). Today I stumbled across a list of 40+ cheat sheets for designers. Enjoy.