Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola Logo Evolution

Very interesting image showing the logo redesigns between Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

Pepsi vs Coca-Cola Logo History
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(By the way, the latest Pepsi logo reminds me of this every time I see it…)

Update: Apparently there were more, a lot more.Chris

12 responses to “Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola Logo Evolution”

  1. I like the Pepsi progression. It changes slowly. The new design always has a bit from the one before it. It’s all connected. it’s cool. It works for me.

  2. It’s truly amazing how the Coke logo can stay the same over such a long period of time. And I love the changes Pepsi has made over the same time. Apart from what I prefer in the beverages, I love seeing this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. it must suck for pepsi to continuously update their stationary and building signage EVERY TIME….. what a waste.

  4. The first logo of Coke came out in 1986 and was different from the one you posted, you should research more before posting something that instead of inform and help people, ends dumbing down those who read your publication.

  5. This is a lie. Coca Cola has had as many designs if not more than Pepsi. This graphic incorrectly identifies the first logo as the current logo. The first logo in fact was in roman style letters, and not the stylized logo we see today.

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