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Mark Angeletti writes: Hey BrainFuel, I wanted to share my new webPod tool with you and see what you think. I was hoping you could blog about it? Have a look and play with it. The webPod allows you to play MP3s on your website. Simply download the webPod, upload your MP3 files and modify the XML.

I like it Mark!

5 responses to “WebPod Tool”

  1. Yeah, I checked it out..
    The concept is cool and all.. having it in the IPOD
    But the flash scripting could be better.
    First when you select the middle button it will show the horizontal scroller, but you cannot drag it. Second when you try to fast forward
    it you cannot hold it down, you have to keep pushing it and it only goes as fast as you push it.
    Definitely cool though.

    What do you think?

  2. Mark – Kudos on the interface, cool is definitely the word that comes to mind. What a strange coincidence though, I was looking for an online MP3 player for WordPress and this is definitely a unique one. I just got finished playing around with Martin Laine’s Audio Player for WP. As contructive feedback, I would suggest downloading it and checking out the nice WordPress interface & support page; definitely something you can use to baseline your player and appeal to the ‘Worpress Plugin’ crowd. 🙂

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