If your product needs a 1-hour “webinar” to explain, it might be an indication that your product is too complex.

One response to “Webinar”

  1. “If you can’t explain the idea in one sentence over the telephone, it won’t work.” – Lou Danziger.

    Lou Danziger’s Philosophy and Mantra of Great and Timeless Design Principles.

    1. Design is a Problem Solving Activity.

    2. The Solution to the Problem is in the Problem itself.

    3. If you are having difficulty finding a solution it seems most productive to go back to clarifying and enlarging ones understanding of the problem. Restating it, paraphrasing, asking the questions in other ways gathering additional information all seems to help. The form is in the in-form-ation.

    4. In the Best work form and content are inseparable. Always seek to find that perfect balance.

    5. In the Best work, there always a benefit for the audience; the client; and yourself (in the order of importance).

    6. Always strive to give value. Be fair, honest and responsible.

    7. Have the nerve to fail. Fear of failure is the Greatest obstacle to Creativity and Growth. No one ever built or ruined a career on any piece of work. In the Great scheme of things, one’s failures, or successes for that matter, don’t count for a hell of a lot. A sustained body of failures or success is another matter.

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