We Sold Out

As you can see, we’re trying an experiment with Google text ads. So far, they don’t seem that relevant – I may be a web designer, but that doesn’t mean I NEED a web designer!

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  1. I find it hard to believe that Google meant for those ads to be used in an ever changing site such as a blog. In fact, I fail to see how they can even be called “ads” in the traditional sense of the word. Advertising is meant to compliment the topic – not contradict or compete with it. GTA is more like a link exchange.

  2. Hi Mark –
    Since BrainFuel is mostly for fun, and partially for promotion, we think it’s going to be interesting to see whether we make any money from having those ads on the right side. Ideally we make enough money to cover our web server costs or at least our coffee costs!!

    We’ll probably get rid of the ads if they don’t make any money. In fact, I know we will.

    Within the Google AdSense system we can choose to filter out specific domains that are advertising. So we can filter out any ads that compete directly with our firm.

  3. I hear [read] alot of folks talking about how those ads pay for their hosting expenses – it this really your experience as well? I mean honestly, I’ve never been compelled to click and can’t imagine a whole lot of people feeling differently – but, I have been known to be wrong before.

  4. Well, we’ve only had it there for a day now, so difficult to tell! The templatemonster templates I think are of value at least tho – for those quikie bargain-basement sites that your friend/sister/grandma have been begging you to do.

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