Ways I like to eat sweet potatoes

I like to eat sweet potatoes only two ways:

  1. Made as French fries
  2. Made as chips

4 responses to “Ways I like to eat sweet potatoes”

  1. Chris you are so funny. I don’t really know why but this really made me chuckle. So do you have some recent run in with a sweet potato?

    In the last couple of years my whole family started making this sweet potatoe crunch casserole business on thanksgiving. It’s odd, with walnuts and such on top instead of those kookie rainbow marshmellows. Aparently people think sweet potatoes are like the candy of potatoes!

    And is a sweet potatoe a yam? One of the burning questions of man since the beginning of time.

  2. What about sweet potato pie? Sure I thought I wouldn’t like it till I tried it, it is almost just like pumpkin pie. Although I still prefer pumpkin pie.

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