Warp 9.5 and a Forest in The Whitehouse

Have you ever wondered how the Star Trek Enterprise avoids all of those stars when it’s going at Warp speed?

Oh, and did you know they put 41 Christmas trees in the White House? That’s a lot of trees. No, that’s a forest!

2 responses to “Warp 9.5 and a Forest in The Whitehouse”

  1. Space is so incredibly empty that it’s not a problem; even without any navigation, I think the chances of ever hitting anything are like 1,000,000 or greater to 1. (Plus I think they do have some kind of navigation — isn’t that what Mr Sulu did?)

    The more interesting question is when they’re going at Warp speed, how come they’re not thrown against the back of the ship and pulverized? Ever been on an airplane taking off? Ever try to get up and walk forward while an airplane’s taking off? Imagine that times 1,000,000 (again with the scientific numbers). I think they addressed this in the later Star Treks by talking about the “damping” system, which supposedly compensates for this effect.

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