Wall Clips

I visited a coffee shop in Tucson last month and they had these neat clips on the wall. I am looking to get some for our office but I can’t find them online (probably because I don’t know what to call them besides “wall clips). Can anybody point me in the right direction? I’ve gone through the IKEA catalog 2 times and thought about just driving down to IKEA, but that’s a whole adventure of its own.

Check out the neat way they provide electricity to the individual tables. Pretty slick.

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  1. Over here in the UK it’s called tension wire (with clips). That might yeild you some more results.

    I can only really find them on ebay. although i do remember seeing it in Ikea like blake pointed out.

  2. A little past time, but it’s called the Dignitet from IKEA. I looked online, but apparently it’s not in the online category. I picked up two of them form my own room.

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