It’s FRIDAY (Several Thoughts)

We live in a crazy world. Yesterday, my friend and I were sitting down to a cup of coffee at a local coffee house and we like to sit in this one corner by the window. It’s also right next to a busy intersection. While we were there a bike rider was hit by a car while crossing the crosswalk. She’s was ok, no broken bones or blood anywhere. The car stopped and the woman got up and walked to the curb. It’s nice she was ok.

Here’s the crazy part: At least 3 cop cars showed up and 1 more motorcycle cop. Then a fire truck and an ambulance. Then she gets a quick checkup and she looks ok just a little stunned. I know for a fact that 50, 30, even 20 years ago someone in that situation would’ve just walked away. But no, in this day and age she gets in the ambulance and is rushed off to the hospital to be checked out. She’s fine!! Gosh. These days, it’s all about the insurance payout. Ugh.

The other day I came up with a great term for all of the new camera phones on the market. I think it’s pretty clever: “Telephoto.”

Old TV ad from 1975 showing a little old lady returning a tire to Discount Tire Company.

It’s nice to have the presidential debates over with, finally. I got a chance to head downtown and see some of the post debate whirlwind. Since the debates were in Phoenix, why not take the opportunity. Good times. I even got to see some famous people and watch the insane security.

Has anyone messed around with FlashPaper from Macromedia? I ran across it today and was impressed. Click here for a sample Flash data sheet for Contribute.

Very nice site: PBDH


2 responses to “It’s FRIDAY (Several Thoughts)”

  1. FlashPaper is nice. It’s a little jerky in motion on my older PC (P3-866).

    BTW, some random useless info for you–the lady in the discound tire ad is Maxine Olmstead.

  2. Hey Kent,
    I owe you a phone call. I never got back to you but I’ve been having a great weekend. I’ll talk to you sometime this week. We should grab some dinner or something.

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