UX Magazine

UX Magazine
I must say I am impressed with this magazines grid-design layout. Quite possibly the most appropriate layout/design for an online magazine I’ve seen. Not to mention the entire site is dedicated to the discussion/review of User Experience (Something a lot of us have a hard time convincing our clients to pay for).

Here’s a pull from thier site…

Every month we combine original articles with the best from blogs and online media to deliver an online magazine that covers the best new thinking on design, strategy, technology and common sense. We believe that the more businesses can bring ideas from these 4 critical disciplines inside their business the better the user experiences they deliver will be.

…enjoy 🙂

3 responses to “UX Magazine”

  1. that is an amazing site..

    thanks fo that link. does anyone have a site that caters to print the way this does to the web?


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