Uninsured motorists

Three or four years ago my car was totaled by the wreckless driving of a person without insurance. While my car was destroyed, the other guys truck was still drivable and he provided fake insurance information. All he got was a ticket. Now, “Gov. Janet Napolitano has signed a bill cracking down on uninsured motorists.” It’s about time. Read the article on AZCentral.com. I’m not sure about other states, but this is a big problem here in Arizona because of the number of illegal aliens who don’t have car insurance. It just increases legitimate insurance costs.

Signed into law Monday, Senate Bill 1420 will make a 30-day impoundment mandatory and impose a $500 mandatory fine for a lack of insurance, up from $200. Motorists will be slapped with a $700 fine for the second offense within three years.

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  1. My wife was broadsided by a Yellow cab. the driver was given a ticket, later in court they were fined. The yellow cab stated they had insurance, company owned. My car was towed off to be repaired. Initailly the cab company said they were going to pay, they later renigged and my I had paid $1000, my part of the deductable, to have my car repaired.
    I would like Yellow Cab to pay my $1000 back and the $3000 my insurance had to pay above the deductable. Failing that I would like to have have whatever legal recourse is available to revoke their license for not haveing insurnace. I have to have insurnace to drive the streets and so should they

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