Trip to the zoo

So this giraff named Shorty walks into the zoo on a bright Saturday afternoon and comments to his friend, the zebra (who had the unfortunate name of Zed) that he looks like he just got out of jail.

Offended by this suggestion, the zebra says that Shorty should go take a hike.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the giraff and zebra, an elephant named Joe had just arrived with his two buddies to clean out the tool shed. Since only one of them could fit in the tool shed at once, the other two decided to play games. That is, until Albert the kangaroo walked in. Or rather, jumped in. You see, Albert is the superintendent at this special zoo and he has pretty strong feelings about the way the tool shed should be organized.

The trouble was that Albert always made more of a mess than even the giant elephants. That was because he kept jumping on things. Even as a kid Albert had never stopped jumping on the bed.

So after this Albert and Joe decided to take this issue up with the President of the zoo. A sadistic female penguin named Alice. Everybody hated Alice and nobody wanted to talk to Alice.

At this point the conversation had turned into a heated argument and could be heard throughout the zoo. Zed and Shorty had arrived again and were attempting to tame things when suddenly Marty the lion burst onto the scene. He had been watching all along and he chased Zed around and around this little lake until he was tired and gave up.

And then the police dog named Aaron arrived. He quickly apprehended Marty and the whole thing was settled in less than 15 minutes.

For years nobody knew what happened to Marty, but some people had heard rumors that Marty had become a famous actor and that he was murdered by a tiger.

The end.

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  1. I bet it’s a weird feeling to have your head on a plane so much higher and in front of rest of your body.

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